Somewhere in Never Never Land advice for brides-to-be!  Someone has said "send your band a playlist."  If you have booked the right group, they don’t need a playlist.   DJ’s yes, but a good band reads your guests.   That is their forte’ keeping guests entertained and on the dance floor.  If you
want and have booked a party dance band. 

 Brides, I know some of you hate line dances and ask your band to please “no line dance”s. It’s your day your band will honor your wishes. I’m asking you as nice as I know how, think of your aunt who lost her husband or your Mother’s single friends.  They can get on the dance floor with the line dances.  I promise someone will ask your band if they can play a line dance.  Let your band do a line dance at the beginning of the evening while you are doing photos.   All the single ladies will love you!  

The following is taken from an email from a bride who has a great Mother ... 

Hi Linda!  
Can I also send you a few songs from the list that we definitely want to be played when folks are dancing? For example, my sweet mother LOVES the Wobble. She has been practicing the moves (Haha!) and really hopes The Mighty Kicks play that song and other "line" dance party songs  (electric slide, cupid shuffle...this sort of thing) I will look over the list on the website and send you a short list of "Must Haves" - I will keep it short though because mostly I want The Mighty Kicks to just DO THEIR THANG!

 A perfect way to let your band know your favorite songs.