Here is a fun reception timeline for you and your guests!

Have your band will do a drum roll when you arrive to get everyone’s attention.
If you like, you may introduce the entire bridal party. Getting everyone in line is not easy. Just when you are ready, someone will need to use the bathroom. (It’s catching girls, and even guys go in pairs). Therefore we are I suggest your band welcome you with these words.
“Welcome for the first time Mr. and Mrs.___________________”
Now while you have everyone’s attention go into your first dances. A normal/average song
can last two to three minutes. On the dance floor alone with all eyes on the two of you,
it will last forever. . .

Let your band do a verse and chorus of your first dance songs, just long enough for you to
go around the dance floor and have your photo taken. Your Dad and new Mother-in-Law
Will thank you for keeping it short. I think it’s a good idea to tell your wedding party to join
you on the dance floor after the last dance. This lets your guests know the party will begin.

Just in case you didn’t know the first three dances are:
1st. dance - Bride and groom
2nd. dance - Bride and her father
3rd. dance - Groom and his mother.

Did you know its bad luck to leave a reception before the cake is cut?
(bad luck for the guests, not you) Your older guests will stay until you cut that cake!

Your band can announce cutting of the cake whenever the venue tells them it’s ready.
(Don’t forget you are paying the bill, so tell them when to have the cake ready for cutting)

Willis Blume Agency Bands only take one break in the four hours they are performing for you.
An excellent break time is when you cut the cake. Guests who remain after cutting of the cake will be with you until the last song!

Your major photo ops are over (first dances and cutting the cake) so the fun begins!

From The Desk of Linda Blume
Willis Blume Agency