The Willis Blume Agency put down its roots years ago when Willis and Linda Blume were living in a two-room garage apartment in Columbia’s Five Points area, trying without much success to save money to buy a house. Willis Jr. was on the way. Much to Linda’s surprise Willis Sr. announced he could start a band. Linda knew he played the drums but only as a hobby; she had no idea music would become such an important part of their lives. Willis formed “The Persians,” South Carolina’s first intergraded band. They performed every weekend at 5 Points Ale House. In six months they had saved enough to buy a home!. Time went on and there were two babies (Willis Jr. and Angela) to take care of without a washer and dryer. It was just too much! Linda had to have a washer and a dryer. Willis began booking private parties, made extra money, and bought Linda a washer and dryer. A little later, baby Emily arrived. Now Linda wanted a car! So Willis formed a band and named it Charity. The band became very popular and stayed so booked that Willis began recommending other bands to clients when his wasn’t available. Soon he developed lists of local bands and potential clients, began putting people together, in 1972 and, The Willis Blume Agency was born their 4th. and final child. When Willis was stricken with Bell ’s palsy and could not speak for two months, Linda quit her teaching job to help him run the agency. After working side-by-side for 40 plus years, Willis turned daily operations over to Linda and Kim Patterson who joined the Agency in 2002. Kim is not only a great agent, but also handles the bookkeeping. A graduate of the College of Charleston in business, Kim has helped the agency grow and retain its first class reputation. Between golf games, Willis Sr. still gives advice to the bands on how to keep them dancing and gives his family and staff pep talks of love and encouragement. That’s the story of the agency that began with Linda’s wants. Today our home and office is on the golf course. My only wants are to continue to serve our clients entertainment needs; working with great bands that never forget it’s an honor to be chosen for a special event. The Willis Blume Agency 1972 - 2018 Thank you all so much! -— Linda Blume