Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
You'll want this band to "stay, just a little bit longer..."

Maurice Williams is one of the most extraordinarily durable figures in the history of classic rhythm-and-blues and rock 'n roll.

"Stay" became one of the classic singles in the history of rock and R&B... a #1 mega-hit upon its release in 1960 and a popular favorite for decades since, revived in 1987 with its use in the movie Dirty Dancing. Williams has remained active as a performer and, periodically, as a recording artist and songwriter.

Maurice Williams was born in Lancaster, S.C., and learned to play the piano from his older sister, practicing daily so that by the time he was 10 years old he was having friends from elementary school over for informal jam sessions at his house. Williams had sung in church but his interest lay more in popular music, and in 1953 he and his friends formed a group called the Royal Charms. They played school events and talent shows, winning several and acquiring a local following. Williams had already written two songs that were to have a pivotal effect on his life and career and the group's history, "Little Darling" and "Stay."

Williams' band performed and recorded music under various names throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, primarily on the beach music circuit on the East coast. Today, Williams resides in Charlotte, N.C., and is extremely popular wherever he and The Zodiacs perform. The band has appeared at the Southeast's largest music festivals, and performs regularly at corporate functions, festivals and private celebrations. The Zodiacs consists of drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, saxophone. Williams and two other talented musicians provide lead vocals in all performances, which include a high-energy mix of Carolina beach music, authentic Motown and classic R&B.

Williams' latest album, "Back to the Basics," features new performances of his hits "Stay," "Little Darlin'," and "May I." Maurice is an inductee of the South Carolina Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame and the Beach Music Hall of Fame.

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