Mike & the Mixers
Mixing elegance and fun for the perfect special event

Mike and the Mixers, founded by Charleston drummer Mike McSwain in 1994, has become a very successful and popular band for wedding receptions and corporate events throughout the Southeast.

The band's popularity is documented in hundreds of letters from happy brides and parents of brides. Says Mike, "I think the biggest reason brides and their parents are happy with us is that we create elegance in the beginning of the reception (the band relies on jazz standards at the outset) but we're able to shift gears when the time is right and create a party and dance atmosphere (beach, blues, rock-and-roll...) Practically every wedding reception we play begins very elegantly but winds up being a heck of a party."

Mike attributes the band's corporate success with their strong sensitivity to clients' needs and an ability to be extremely flexible.

The Mixers includes three other very talented musicians. Wayne Daws is a long-time veteran of dance clubs, road shows and theater production. Before joining The Mixers, Wayne was staff guitarist at the Low Country Legends Music Hall and performed in numerous productions. He joined The Mixers in 1998 and his fiery lead guitar chops immediately brought a welcome energy and enthusiasm to the group. In addition to playing guitar Wayne sings both lead and backup vocals.

The Mixers' bassist and vocalist Jay Miley has been well known in the music business in Charleston, S.C., both as a singer/guitarist and as a recording engineer. While guitar is his primary instrument, Jay also plays bass, mandolin and percussion. He was picked "Artist to Watch" by the Charleston City Paper in 2005 for his CD release "Last Man Standing."

Paul Lauda began studying music at the age of nine and attended the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. During the early 70s, he toured with The Day Trippers and also performed with The Flamingos and The Shirelles. After a career in the Navy, Paul retired in 1993 and has devoted his time to performing with The Mixers and to private music instruction. His advanced improvisational skills and years of music performance experience make Paul an extremely solid foundation for The Mixers.

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