The Great Society Band
Five great performers forming a tapestry of rich, unique sounds

The Great Society Band... five distinct and talented individuals playing a wide variety of music together, from sophisticated jazz to funky soul to pumping rock. Members have their musical roots in the 1960s Motown/soul music scene, but delight audiences with an unbelievable repertoire of tunes for any kind of party or event imaginable.

Drummer/lead vocalist Frank Macaulay collected hundreds of soul 45 RPM records throughout the 60s. He'd sing along, learning countless tunes from the likes of James Brown and Wilson Pickett. In 1964, Frank bought his first set of drums and never stopped drumming. He's performed with numerous bands and toured around the country. Today' Frank's specialty is his mellow baritone voice, which shines on the Great Society Band's selections of beach music.

In the mid 1960s, female vocalist Nadine Taylor was given a choice to join up with a position in a nationally-known female soul group, or stay in college. She opted to stay in school and went on to become an elementary school teacher, but she always has been in demand as a vocalist in various bands around South Carolina. Her gospel roots and influences are her strength, and she still finds time to sing in her church choir.

Classically trained from the age of six, keyboardist/vocalist and band leader Cleve Edwards began playing in bands by the time he was 13. During the 1960s, he'd slip into Columbia's clubs to hear his soul heroes of the day. From the mid-60s to today, Cleve has been signed with Mainstream Records, has toured with national recording acts, earned music and media arts degrees, written and produced music for the Public Broadcasting System, owned a recording studio, and played just about every type of music from rock to jazz to country and soul... even Greek and Jewish music.

Guitarist Chuck Bayless and saxophonist Bob Fowler nicely round out the Great Society Band's rich sound. Chuck's roots are solidly in rock and blues, and is sought after today as a sideman and studio musician in the Midlands of South Carolina. Bob attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston and the University of South Carolina. He's performed with a number of regional bands, including a stint with Nashville recording artist Rob Crosby. Bob has written music for various shows on PBS and has penned numerous other compositions in the jazz genre. Don't let his serious side fool you... Bob loves to take center stage and entertain you with this soulful vocal style.

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