The Fantastic Shakers
Charismatic and fun floor show... one BIG party!

What separates The Fantastic Shakers from other Carolina-based beach music bands? Frontman Bo Schronce without a doubt is recognized as one of the finest singer-entertainers to ever hit the stage. Bo works the crowd with his zany personality and powerful voice; with his wide vocal range, he's capable of reproducing those hard-to-duplicate voices of singers such as David Clayton Thomas, Michael McDonald and Ray Charles.

In the 15-plus-year-history of the Rhythm and Beach Top 40, no one has ever had more than three titles on the charts... until The Shakers. "Nobody But You" was in the top slot for 12 weeks; "Shake That Thing" at #11; "I Ain't Giving Up Nothing" at #14, and "Jitterbug Boogie" at #21. The band's newest album, "Get Ya Some," debuted in 1999 at #1 on the Rhythm and Blues Beach Charts.

From start to finish, an engagement with The Shakers is one BIG party. The music is great; the floor show entertaining and hilarious... Bo and the boys will keep you laughing from start to finish.

The award-winning floor show is the best in the business. With enough acts to have three different shows, The Shakers will mix and match songs and even surprise guests to please any audience.

The Shakers bring their own state-of-the-art EAWPA system and a powerful lighting system. Special attention is given to band members' appearance; they have custom-made wardrobes, including tuxedos for the most formal occasions.

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