East Coast Party Band
Fast-paced, high-energy stage show perfect for dancing

The East Coast Party Band is unequivocally one of the best live acts on the East coast. High-energy musicians perform a fast-paced repertoire of medleys, classics and originals... all selected and arranged with the audience's dancing pleasure in mind. The group generates excitement from the moment they take the stage.

Jack Tankersly left The Rivieras in 1992 to found the East Coast Party Band, a superlative group comprised of only the finest musicians and vocalists.

Jack anchors the group's driving rhythm section with his unique brass styling... a kind of staccato funk that just won't let you sit still. He arranged many of the group's popular medleys. His co-leader, Mike Shuler, provides excellent arrangements of R&B classics and shag favorites. On guitar, Mike's steady fret work is master craftsman quality.

David Fuller is a wild man on piano and has a singing voice of incomparable range; he also is composer of the group's original songs. Drummer Jerry Polk and David handle the majority of the group's lead vocals.

Central to the group's energy is Gerald Polk on organ, saxophone, keyboard and trombone. A founding member of The Swingin' Medallions, Gerald's baritone voice adds yet another dimension to the group's unparalleled vocal capacity. Marc Marshall, playing tenor and alto sax, sustains an energy level that would wear most people out; he is the consummate showman and brings another fine voice to the vocal blend. Trumpeter Todd Owens adds the top end to the dynamic horn section. Todd traveled for years with legendary soul singer James Brown. When Marc and Todd get their dance steps going, everyone in the crowd will want to join in.

Beverly Tankersly, Sandy Polk and Angie Blanchard solidify the group by playing an assortment of percussion instruments while providing female vocal harmony to the mix.

A bonus provided by the group is their live sound and lighting. State-of-the-art digital equipment delivers crystal clear sound quality and showers the stage with a rainbow of colors, enhancing the visual and emotional impact of every song.

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