DJ Prince Ice
South Carolina's 'Living Legend'

DJ Prince Ice

Known as South Carolina's 'living legend', DJ Prince Ice is the most respected DJ in the state and has been rated by the public as the # 1 mixer and favorite radio/club DJ for nearly 20 years!!!!

DJ Prince Ice is the FIRST name that comes to mind when the state of South Carolina is mentioned. Prince Ice well known for supporting new artists and helping them become major.

DJ Prince Ice has the longest running hip hop/R&B mixshow in the South....ICE COLD RADIO!!! The show has been #1 over the past decade and continues to reign supreme on two radio stations: WWDM ... THE BIG DM 101.3 and WHXT ... HOT 103.9

Ice has deejayed and hosted shows with many legendary artists from RUN DMC, JAY-Z & NOTORIOUS B.I.G. to T.I., LIL JON, OUTKAST, KEITH SWEAT, MARY J. BLIGE, GERALD LEVERT and many others. Prince Ice continues his quest to help all artists by releasing albums and hosting and producing mix tapes.

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