Clarence Carter
Soulful guitar and sexy lyrics

Alabama born and raised, Clarence Carter lost his sight at an early age and attended the Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega.

At the age of 11, his grandmother bought him his first guitar, and he learned to play by listening to other musicians and copying what he heard. Clarence graduated from Alabama State College in 1960 with a degree in music, which began to open doors to an illustrious career.

After starting out with a local gospel group, Clarence joined Calvin Scott to form the duo "Clarence and Calvin," and they enjoyed some success across the southern states. In 1966, he signed with Fame Records and began writing songs, learned how to sing professionally and began recording hits such as "Slip Away," "Too Weak to Fight" and "Patches," which won Clarence international acclaim and a world tour. A short time after this, Clarence switched to the Atlantic label and enjoyed an uninterrupted run of hit records.

Clarence still hits the road to showcase his music of the past and perform his renditions of more current R&B hits. He brings any party to life with his soulful guitar work and sexy lyrics.

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