Bennie Anderson and the Drifters
Trend-setting rhythm & blues

Formed in 1953, The Drifters is a trend-setting Rhythm & Blues band with numerous chart-topping hits to its credit, including "There Goes My Baby," the song that landed the band in the Billboard's Top 40 in 1959. Hits were non-stop as The Drifters rose in popularity on the Atlantic record label.

"Save the Last Dance for Me" hit number one and stayed in the Top 40 for 14 weeks. "Up on the Roof" made 1962 a memorable year, and the ever-popular "On Broadway" hit the charts the very next year. It's most-requested number, "Under the Boardwalk," made it to the Top 40 where it stayed for 12 weeks.

Bennie Anderson has been a Drifter since 1962 and provides both lead and second-tenor harmonies. From Atlanta, Bennie spends his time NOT on the road with his family and on the basketball court.

David Wilson, from Charleston, S.C., joined the group in 1982 and is a featured vocalist. David has performed with the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, The Tams, and the Famous Coasters.

George Wallace sings both baritone and second tenor, and is featured vocalist on many Drifters' hits. His Drifters career began in 1962 and has always been known as the "old man" of the group, but steadfastly refuses to tell his age! Wallace hails from Atlanta.

Ernell Hill is the newest musician in the group, formerly serving as The Drifters' stage manager. He began singing bass for the band in 1991, and takes the lead on the Drifters' classic recording "White Christmas." Ernell is affectionately called "Elliot Ness" because of the unique hat he wears.

Andrew Odem, a Drifter since 1969, sings first tenor, second tenor and lead vocals on such songs as "There Goes My Baby." Known to his friends as "Mose," Andrew originally comes from the mountains of Tennessee but now makes Atlanta his home. When you can't find him singing "Under the Boardwalk," you'll find him at the local bowling alley enjoying his favorite pastime.

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